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The drudgeit app was developed for mobile users who love news!
We compile news throughout the day from the most popular and most visited news sites on the Web.
The DrudgeIt App was specifically crafted for mobile users, but can be used on pads and browsers just as transparently with the same benefits. Designed for busy people who want to review the news on their mobile device periodically throughout the day quickly. Open the app in the morning with your cup of coffee, browse the time-line of stories quickly, leave the app open and at lunch you just need to check the new-stories counter in the top left of the app to see the number of new stories since you last looked. Now you don't need to waste time or bandwidth to reload everything for the day just tap the new stories counter and the pre-loaded stories will be inserted at the top of the timeline in chronological order. Since the app is doing all the work for you throughout the day, all you have to do is take a peek at the new stories counter and repeat the process. This technique is the most efficient use of time and data-usage. Since the app only has to load new stories, only a small amount of data is transmitted. If you tap the Today button the app will resend all the stories for today which is effectively a refresh. It is recommended to use the Today button at the start of the day and then just let the app fetch only new stories. Once you start using the drudgeit.com App, you'll . . . . . . . . . you tell us what your experience was like at http://drudgeit.com/experience.
We welcome comments or suggestions from our loyal users, so if you have a gripe or a great suggestion, please feel free to drop us a line at http://drudgeit.com/gripe or http://drudgeit.com/suggestion
    Our primary design goals
  • Order stories in a timeline in chronological order.
  • Minimize the amount of data-usage used on the network.
  • Very fast load and render time.
  • Keep track of stories I've already read.
  • If I close the app and come back later, let me know where I left off on the timeline.
  • Pre-load new stories automatically.

About the DrudgeIt App